Hello Louise,

We had such an amazing wedding day and the whole weekend at the Magic Mountain. You made it to be exactly what we wish it to be, we could not thank you enough for making our day so special.

The ceremony was so personal and unique! It was like you were part of our lives for a long time. You just fitted in so perfectly and I am so glad that I called you back to ask you to be our celebrant. That I followed my instinct!

We have received our Marriage certificate last week. I have to say that I was very surprised when it arrived. I had no idea that you were organizing that for us too! Thanks so much Louise for doing it all for us.

The “sands” made it home in one piece and it looks beautiful!!! Its such an awesome memory for us of the day and the commitment we made.

Married life is wonderful!

We actually had few of our friends and family told us that our wedding was the best wedding they have ever been to! And we think that too that our wedding was THE BEST WEDDING EVER!

Thanks Louise.
Love Zany & Ronnie